Company Overview

Chopper Trading is a technology-based proprietary trading firm without any clients, customers, or shareholders; we trade the firm’s capital for the benefit of the firm.  This provides a freedom and agility to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market. It also enables us to create a casual and comfortable work environment.

We trade on virtually every major domestic exchange including CME, CBOT, and NYSE, plus many major international exchanges including LSE and ICE.  Chopper believes in responsible market participation with fair and evenly applied standards that increase transparency, stability, and efficiency in the market.

Trading is an intense and challenging industry. Chopper is in constant and direct competition with some of the best and brightest minds in the world. In order to excel, we always recognize that we must be better.  The market and our competition are constantly changing, so we must continually revise and evolve our strategies, technology, and solutions. The market rewards intelligence, hard work, and determination, all of which serve as Chopper’s foundation.