Chopper is a great environment for people who wish to maximize their potential. The flat corporate structure allows each employee to flourish upon arrival. A very attractive aspect of our business model is the timely feedback loop: employees see solutions implemented quickly and we are able to assess the results almost immediately.

Hiring Strategy

In order to find the best employees, we have a comprehensive hiring process that includes meeting many members of our team. This allows our employees to gather as much data as possible about a candidate from many different perspectives. Meeting several Chopper employees provides a realistic preview of the job.

It is our sincere goal to be completely honest about each position and what it entails. We want every candidate to know exactly what is expected of them. The industry trend to over-hire without regard for attrition does not exist at Chopper. Because of our close-knit culture and the proprietary nature of our business, it is important that we minimize turnover. It’s not just about finding someone who can do the job, but finding someone whose values and goals align with our own. We are always looking for a two-way fit.

Campus Recruiting

Chopper Trading’s campus recruiting strategy focuses on finding exceptional graduating students to join our team. The students we meet on campus today will be the futures leaders of our company, so we take our campus recruiting very seriously. We recruit at the most prestigious universities in the country so please check our schedule of upcoming on-campus events to see if we are coming to your school. If we are not coming to you, please feel free to come to us by submitting your resume.

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