Our Technology

Technology is the backbone of everything we do at Chopper Trading. Many of the world’s financial markets have become electronic during the past decade alone. This evolution will continue across the entire financial market and across all asset classes in the years to come. Trading firms that can blend superior technology with elite trading strategies will be the ones who win. In certain circumstances, trading microseconds faster than competitors can mean an order of magnitude greater profitability. Chopper Trading strives to be the leader of the pack.

To harness technology as a competitive advantage, Chopper Trading has built a world-class technology team and invests overwhelming energy and resources into creating the most advanced technology solutions for trading the continually evolving financial markets. We design and implement complete end-to-end trading systems which include custom, purpose-built hardware, running the highest-performing proprietary software stack, using the most innovative networking and communications techniques. Our technology team is at the forefront of leveraging and building the highest performance emerging technologies. In order to stay ahead of our competitors, we are regularly playing a careful balancing act between the leading edge and the bleeding edge of the most advanced technologies.

We seek to hire the best of the best technology candidates to join our elite organization. We pursue not just great technologists, but individuals who are great people, capable of working with other exceptional technologists on high performance teams. We want employees with a strong work ethic, loyalty, and a competitive nature with a desire to win. The ideal candidates are those with an ability to think analytically and creatively to solve complex technology challenges, with leadership qualities to exploit opportunities and drive change and continuous improvement.

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