Oil-Based Highlights FAQ’S & Video

1/ Q: What are oil-based highlights?

A: It’s an Oil based lightener that can lift up to 7 levels. It lifts and tones the hair at the same time.


2/ Q: Do you use the traditional bleach?

A: NO bleach since it is damaging! The lightener is an oil. It conditions the hair as it lifts. It has PBX (Protective Barrier Complex) in it.


3/ Q: What is PBX?

A: It means Protective Barrier Complex. It protects the dye molecule and deposits color deep into the hair while conditioning and creating incredible shine.


4/ Q: What is the difference between the traditional bleach and the oil-based lightener?

A: The difference between  this Scruples Oil based lightener and bleach is that there is no breakage, no dryness , and no brass. The lightener won’t over lighten and never requires more than 20 volume peroxide. And the result is shiny, beautiful highlights.


5/ Q: How long do oil-based highlights last?

A: Permanent, but grows out with your hair. Unlike traditionally bleached hair with toner, the oil-based highlights do not fade or turn brassy over time.



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